When it becomes easier to more difficult.

This was one of the easiest to do inspections. A sweater (sweater, wool jacket), was his second inspection, as the first had been passed on information, but rejected measures and distribution by introducing open seams quality by more than 35% of the sample, ie only needed see that the errors have been corrected and the garment is salable.

What better fate for an inspector to be chosen to perform the inspection of a single item, which you should review only 32 pieces. We know that this does not require much effort and how are you inspections can be performed in record time.

We had to leave in the direction of Changzhou Shanghai (1 hr by fast train). We left very early road to the train station to get tickets from 8:00 am to our surprise had been exhausted at all hours of the morning and afternoon, we could only get a ticket for 2:00 pm and without seat, simply because the next day was celebrated labor Day in China and had not calculated this tiny detail.

Trying to overcome the shock, we decided to wait at the station until the train departure time, 2:00 pm finally being embarked way to our destination, the city of Changzhou.

The supplier was waiting at the station to move into the factory, because this was in a very accessible place. Upon arrival provider amiably asked us wait 20 minutes because the car was moving us to the factory had "minor damage"

It took more than 30 minutes and "minor damage" began nicking in our hope to continue calling this inspection, "perfect inspection"

After 40 minutes, the car finally came, we jumped in and started our trip to the factory which was about 1 hour from there.

Twenty minutes after the start of the trip we realized that the car was going very slowly, but after 10 minutes the car stopped, "Do not worry, the vendor told us," "is a matter of take a little water and ready" after all the waiting and agony of the day, we decided not to lose faith, "water is just a matter of thinking" and responded with a slight smile to not lose heart.

We continue the journey to a relatively low speed and after 15 minutes we could not see anything on the road, naively thinking "is it the fog? "Is not dense?" The reality was that the car was on fire practically, quickly got out in search of water, the driver found no better place than where he brought a stream of water to extinguish the car.

Finally we realized the harsh reality, we had been stranded on the highway and perfect inspection was becoming more complicated in that we could have found.

An hour after this incident, I get another car which was commissioned to lead the factory. We started the inspection of these 32 pieces at 6:20 pm.

Needless to say we returned to Shanghai at around 11 pm at night and house about midnight. A sample of 32 items took us about 18 hours.