Quality Defects

Inspection case: Jeans
Open seams in jeans and denim pants are a very common defect during production.

Inspection case: Jackets
This garment has two punctured holes on the front part of the garment. The supplier snapped the button in the wrong place twice, resulting in two punctured holes.

Inspection case: Nylon Vests
We found many vests with open seams during the production.

Inspection case: Scarves
From our random selection of packed and sealed boxes, we found some scarves with dirty spots. The damaged items were not salable to the end costumers, resulting in a loss for the importers.

This was one of the easiest to do inspections. A sweater (sweater, wool jacket), was his second inspection, as the first had been passed on information, but rejected measures and distribution by introducing open seams quality by more than 35% of the sample, ie only needed see that the errors have been corrected and the garment is salable.